Quality Month Special Webinar 1

Welcome to Quality Month, this is the time to revisit the concept of quality in the current context, renew our commitment and strategy to attain quality in product and process. In the post-Covid era, to enhance profitability of products and grow business, professionals of every function including: product development, procurement, production, quality assurance, shipping, marketing, sales, etc. need to design, create and deliver globally competitive value propositions, which must be better than competitors. To create a winning value proposition, value stream processes must be perfected, and people must be geared to ensure continuous improvement. To create and deliver best quality (value proposition) products, organizations need excellent quality of process and people. How do you address the 3 pillars of quality- purpose, process, and people - this will be presented through a series of three webinars.

· Webinar-1: Product Quality - Designing a Winning Value Proposition.
· Webinar-2: Process Quality - Restructuring Processes to deliver globally competitive Value Proposition
· Webinar-3: Personal Quality -The foundation for continuous improvement of process and product quality.

The webinars will be delivered by Akhilesh N Singh, a management consultant associated with industry for the last 48 years, actively involved in learning, consulting, and implementation of Quality Management since 1987. Trained in modern quality management techniques in leading organizations of the USA, UK and Japan. Author of 14 books on topics related to TQM, Lean, Six Sigma, Cost Reduction, etc.

Date : Fri, 12 Nov 2021 Time : 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM Format : Online